Saturday, October 20, 2007


This about sums up the day.

Well, this morning started out nicely, with Finlay attending his first tailgate. You can enjoy some pictures below.

Finlay was not a fan of the train that was passing by the tg sight.
He was curious about the port-a-potty so he came in with me once.
He was pretty exhausted by the time we came home!

Then the bottom dropped out. First our Gamecocks lost to Vandy...TO VANDY!!! We only saw the game on gametracker, but it looked ugly, even on there. Good-bye #6 ranking.

Then the BaylorBears suffered a sickening loss to Texas. It was sickening of course, because for a while it looked like we were hanging in there. But after that, we know what happened. Same song, different verse. We have taken some pictures to commemorate our feelings about the football games today. Please enjoy these as well.

Perhaps we will have a more positive blog tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is Finlay upset about the Bears or the Gamecocks?

Nick and Lindsay said...