Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carolina Convoy

Carolina Convoy 2007
South Carolina vs. Tennessee
Nick and I in our seats at the game
Tara and I
Sir Big Spur, our live mascot
Well, we did it. Nick, Tara (my co-grad assistant), two other volunteers, and I made the trip up to Knoxville, TN yesterday to watch the Gamecocks battle the Volunteers. As a part of my graduate assistantship, I was in charge of 2 charter-busses full of USC students who had each bought a ticket on the Convoy.

It was pretty nerve-wracking, but we made it there and back with no major problems: no alcohol poisoning, no illness, no missing students, no fights, no problems. Well, no problems with the students anyway. We did have a bit of trouble with the bus drivers, but that's a long and ultimately boring story. And we did lose the game in overtime. However, suffice it to say that I feel very relieved today.

Nick and I are both exhausted - we got in at 6:30 a.m. - but we have had a great day being home with Fin, who missed us very much. Tonight we will be carving jack-o-lanterns!

We hope everyone else had a great weekend and is enjoying the fall-like weather. Until next time...

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