Saturday, October 6, 2007

"My stomach bug" and "The Waco connection"

Well, yesterday was not a great day for me (Lindsay). Apparently I caught a stomach bug - one has been going around Columbia. I won't give you the gory details, but my stomach and throat are very sore this morning...Finlay was a great care-taker, though, even sitting calmly beside me each time I bowed and prayed to the porcelain god. Shockingly, though, he wasn't too keen on giving kisses!

On another note, a new colonel has come to Nick's squadron. Nick spent the past two weeks working as his executive officer, and yesterday they discovered their Waco connection! As you all know, Nick married a Waco girl (that's me), and as it turns out, this guy grew up in Hewitt and graduated form Midway High, the same as I did. Although he escaped being in school with any member of the Reitmeier or Colvin families, it's still a pretty cool coincidence. I can't wait to meet him to find out what Midway High was like when he was there and if he misses good old Waco as much as I do.

Today Nick plans to make some AKC agility obstacles for Finlay. He's been excited about that ever since we moved to our new house with the big backyard. We'll see how that goes...

We hope you all have a great Saturday!

P.S. We are posting in green today in honor of the Baylor Bears as they prepare to taken on Colorado!!! Sic' Em!

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