Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Afghanistan Pics

Nick has sent more pictures from Afghanistan. I hope y'all enjoy them. Just like last time, I'm including his captions.
Walking to the Shura
The audience
Swimming in the Alingar
Talking strategy with the Deputy Governor
Ready to Talk
Ready to move
Not easy
On patrol night before elections
Just a GIB
Deputy Governor
A Crowd
Thanks for all your prayers this week. Nick and his team made it safely through the national elections and will now enjoy a little downtime. Please continue to pray for their safety!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Afghanistan Pics

I don't think these pictures need much explanation. I'll just give you the captions that Nick sent with them. There are a lot, but I thought everyone would enjoy them!
Watching us pass
Village at base of mountain

View from Nick's barracks
View as truck commander
The hardball
Shura tent
Perspective - yes that's Nick's foot
Passing through
Nick in truck
Nick and friend - this guy works closely with Nick
Nick and another friend
Magic Trick
Landscape as seen from Chinook
Really big helicopter (my caption - not Nick's)
Hanging Out
Give me a pen
Command Outpost
For more info about Nick's deployment, check out these articles, written by a reporter who was embedded with Nick's FOB:
Please pray for Nick and his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan this week. With the national elections coming up, violence will certainly increase. Pray for safety, wisdom, and perseverance.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Belated Post

Here are some belated pictures from Bec and Michael's visit to Cola last weekend. The happy couple:
And the bff's

Thanks for visiting me, guys! I hope I'll get up to Baltimore to see you very soon.