Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today is a really big day in the Hall household. Today, First Lieutenant Nicholas Hall becomes Captain Nicholas Hall, the rank and title he will have for the next several years. Unlike when he was promoted to 1Lt, this promotion required an additional time commitment. How long? You ask. I'm honestly not sure. We're in this for the long haul so I didn't really pay attention.

What I do know is this. Someone else is pinning on Nick's rank today; as of last night Nick didn't even know who would be doing the honors. Last time I got to do it. If we were in Columbia for this momentous occasion, we would head straight over to the Officers' Club and buy the perfunctory round of drinks for the house. Since Nick's training is a dry experience, we won't be doing that.

I have decided on a gift for his promotion. I would tell you what it is, but he can check this blog so I will have to keep my secret until Friday. I will tell you that it is a very nice gift, but I can't spend enough money to buy something worthy of everything he has already done in the USAF.

From the 18-20 hour days he put in at intel school, to the year he spent working 12 hour shifts on the watch, from his first deployment to Al Udied, to the numerous trips he's made since then, from getting his "dream job" in targets to securing his next "dream job" working with the PRT, Nick has attained every goal he has set for himself. And they have been lofty goals!
One of the myriad reasons I fell for Nick is because when he wants something, he goes for it, and he gets it. He is extremely ambitious, but in a quiet, purposeful way, and he always meets or surpasses his goals. In light of that, and considering everything Nick has already achieved, I can't wait to see what our Air Force future holds!
So, just in case you were wondering, the next time you see Nick in uniform you will see this:

instead of this:

If you'd like to send Nick a congratulatory e-mail, send it to his personal e-mail account: Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Andrea's wedding and other news

Hello again, blog world! It's been more than 2 weeks since our last post, I know. The last two weeks have been crazy! And I've been exhausted... Below, enjoy a few pictures from Andrea and Drew's wedding and one of Fin just for good measure.Mandy, Andrea, and I at Trudy's Friday night

The beautiful bride-to-be and I at our fancy nail party

And with her hair all done and veil in. Gorgeous!Sisters! Didn't I marry into an attractive family?

"Seriously, Mom. Leave me alone. And stop trying to steal Giraffe!"
For those of you who are wondering, Nick will be home June 19-26. Less than two weeks! Woo hoo!