Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday News

Today being Sunday, Nick and I continued our church search. This time we went back to Shandon UMC, but we also visited a Sunday School class to get a feel for the other married young adults in the church. We were definitely made welcome by the class, but we are really struggling to find a place where we fit in. This may be it; we just aren't certain yet. As it turns out, most people our age here are either married with kids (or kids on the way) or are singles. We would love to find a group of young married couples who are at the same stage in life as we are. Who knows, it might be waiting just around the corner. We have faith that we will find our place here.

After church we did exciting things like laundry and house-cleaning. I count myself as very fortunate that Nick shares this task with me. He is always willing, and sometimes I might even say eager, to clean the floors or do the dishes. He's such a great husband! This is especially helpful since we both keep full-time schedules. If he didn't help, only half of our chores would ever be done!

Since late this afternoon, though, we have been indulging in a new favorite activity. We put on some classical music and have been reading our books. Nick is finishing up The Hobbit, and I am reading The Birth of Venus. It has been relaxing, and Finlay has napped alongside us as we read. It's a perfect, peaceful way to start out another week. Below are some pictures of us enjoying our leisure time.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't look as if you are reading a book to me. Is it an audio book with classical music in the backgroud? ;) Sweet dreams....