Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fin's Very First Fight

Hey guys, Finlay here. You might note the large gash on my nose in this picture, and you also might be wondering where it came from. Now, this is not the time to start accusing Mom and Dad of being bad pet parents. No, I got this wound in my very first fight!
Dad took me outside to play after dinner, and we ran into a mean kitty. Well, I didn't know he was mean at first! I tried to play with him, but he just swatted me straight across my nose! (He has clearly not been de-clawed) I didn't give up on our blossoming friendship, though. I tried to win him over even after his completely unprovoked attack. Unfortunately it didn't work...
So if you see a mean lookin' calico cat walking around in your backyard, my advice would be to stay away.
(Not to worry, both of my nurse grandmom's - Mom lubed me up pretty well with Neosporin so the cut should be ok in a few days)
Until next time,

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! He needs some treats. Not just A treat - but SOME treats. If I were there, . . .