Monday, October 1, 2007

A Church Visit and "Here's a health" explained

Yesterday we made our first church visit since moving to Columbia. Both in San Angelo and in Sumter we attended United Methodist churches so that's what we started out with this time. We visited Shandon United Methodist Church, a big umc here in Columbia. It's very convenient - about five minutes from our house. I've included a picture here. Unfortunately I had to shoot it as we were driving by in order to avoid embarassing Nicholas. Hence, it's at kind of a weird angle:

You can also check out the church's website at We enjoyed our visit. Our staples were there: good choir, sang hymns, liturgical service. We'll have to visit a few more times, though, to get a better feel of how it suits us.

Now, for those of you who were confused by the allusions to "Here's a health Carolina" in my previous blog. That's a line in the USC alma mater, which is sung before each game. When that line is sung, we all raise our hands as if we are holding a glass to toast Carolina. Which is why I thought it was an appropriate title for yesterday's blog. The more you know! (and please tell me that some of you get that one).

Have a great day, and we'll meet again soon!

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