Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Day Picnic

Today Nick, Finlay, and I went to a family day picnic hosted by Nick's new squadron. It was fun getting to meet some of the guys Nick will be working with and their cute wives. This is a pretty big squadron so there will be lots more people to meet, but today was a good start! Finlay was the star of the show today. He sat sweetly while TONS of kids, of all ages, came up to him and petted him. All I heard all day was "what a good dog" and "he's so well-behaved!" We were proud dog parents.
In other news, we're leaving tomorrow for Mandy's wedding extravaganza. We'll be spending several days in New Braunfels and then flying to Mexico for the big day. We're super excited about the time with family and the relaxing time we'll have at our fabulous resort. We won't be back until after Memorial Day so don't expect any more posts until then!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

3 New Posts!

It has been brought to my attention multiple times over the last two weeks that I have been neglecting the blog. Suffice it to say that I have had more than a few irons in the fire that have left me exhausted! I will try to do a better job of keeping you up to date now that I have internet access again.
We drove to Clovis (our new home in New Mexico) from Waco on Sunday, the day after Bec's wedding (see post below). We're loving our brand new house, but don't have any pictures worth posting yet. We're in the process of ordering a ton of new furniture and decorating the house so I probably won't have any great pictures to post for a while. Sorry!
Our yard was sodded on Tuesday (which explains its appearance in the pictures below), and we have been running our sprinklers a lot. That is until Friday, when we had a massive flooding thunderstorm. We even got hail! That's all the white stuff in the picture below. Clovis has about 350 sunny days each year so it just figures that within days of us moving here, we'd have a torrential downpour.
In other news, Finlay is adjusting to his new yard. He's not quite sure what to do with it, and since we have new sod we can't play much in it with him right now. We're really hoping he figures it out soon.

Mrs. Rebecca Smith

Last weekend my best friend got married! She was an absolutely gorgeous bride and every aspect of the wedding was perfect. Well done, Bec! I can't believe it took you and Michael almost 20 years to figure it out, but I'm glad you finally did.
Here I am with some of my best girl friends from high school, Adrienne, Bec, Christine (who is having a little boy September 1st), and Allison. Aren't they beautiful?! Here's a whole group of Midway Panthers. None of the pictures I got were good of everyone so sorry to those who aren't looking at the camera! It was so good to see so many of my lifelong friends.
Here I am with my favorite dance partner at the reception. Bec's parents hosted it in their "backyard" i.e. many acres of pastoral landscape filled with tents, candles, lanterns, and gorgeous flowers. It was a dream wedding!And here I am with the blushing bride herself. Love you, Bec!

Leaving South Carolina

We left Columbia two weeks ago, and we really miss it! The biggest things we miss, of course, are our friends and our church. There are other things too, though, like restaurant selection and shopping options! We really tried to soak up our favorite things about Cola before we left - here are a few pictures.
Okay, the apartment wasn't one of our favorite parts of Columbia, but I love this picture of Finlay looking confused in our apartment on Friday night before we left on Saturday. Our friends Michael and Kelly brought us over some road goodies - thanks guys! We really enjoyed them, especially our favorite cookies from The Fresh Market. Here are Michael and Nick...
And me with Kelly!

For our last meal, Nick chose Rockaway's, home of the famous pimiento cheese fries and pimiento cheese burger. This place is so good that when "W" visited a while back, here ate here. It can be hard to find because there's no sign! It's definitely a local favorite. Here I am with Melissa, my friend and co-worker at USC. This picture was taken right before my sweet going away party at work.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures with ALL of my favorite people and places, but at least now you have a sample! To all our friends in Cola, we miss you so much!!! It's not too early to start planning your ski trips to Red River, Angel Fire, or Taos...