Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Evie is obsessed with singing the ABC's lately! She never gets past D, but it's a start. Here she is singing them a few days ago.

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Catching Up!

Okay, so I haven't blogged since we were in Florida last month.  Boo, me.  To my credit, I tried to post the zoo pics (below) over a week ago, but blogger wasn't cooperating.  Still, life has been a whirlwind for us these past three weeks, and I've just not made blogging a priority!  I'll clue you in on what's been happening, but first here are a few Evie pics.
 Clovis has a pretty decent zoo, and I took Evie to visit during our first week back home. I'm really trying to get us out of the house more since she seemed to love "going and doing" while we were away.  She wasn't sure about the animals here at first; maybe she had bad memories of the Gulf Breeze Zoo?
 She was mesmerized by the "ah-ah's" (monkeys). 
 Not the best composition here, but you can see both Evie and our Mommy giraffe.  Our new baby giraffe was there too!  She is soooo cute.
This pic is actually of Evie enjoying her favorite toy at the Niceville Children's Park.  It was a car on a spring that rocks back and forth.  She still talks about it! 

So at the end of June we made the 24+ hour drive back from Destin in 3 days.  Evie, Finlay, and I were in my car, and Nick was in his car.  Sound fair to you?  In fairness to him, I can't drive his (standard) car so we really had no other option.
Once we got home we got to work getting our life back to normal.  Evie is now going to "school" twice a week, which has freed me up to get some personal/household stuff taken care of.  It's so nice for me, especially after 4 months on the road with her, to have a little time to myself.  But the real bonus here is how much she is blossoming by being in school.  She clearly likes having the time to play with her friends, and she's learning lots too!
Last week derailed our "getting back into the swing of things" plans a bit, as Evie got a nasty throat virus AND cut her two bottom molars in the same week.  We're back on our feet now, though, and are moving full steam ahead.
Nick has started his new job in his new squadron.  Since he has lots more responsibility now, he is working longer hours, but it is an exciting transition. 
Speaking of work transitions, I have decided to go back to work too!  I'll be working as a tutor in the Writing Center at the community college here.  I'm excited about this!  I'll pretty much just be working while E is in mother's day out, which she starts next month.  I'm really, really excited to get back into the college setting and work with college students again.  Truthfully, when I had Evie I never imagined going back to work until she was in school, but I've realized that I need this outlet to use my skills and talents, just like she needs to spend time with her peers.
Our last piece of news is that we are getting a new puppy!  She is a sheltie puppy coming to us from a breeder in California.  She should arrive here sometime next month.  We've named her Macy, in honor of a bomb dog Nick worked with in Afghanistan who was KIA along with her handler. You can read about her and her handler here
Now you're caught up!