Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Sunday at the Halls

Today was another typical Sunday for the Hall household. This morning we visited another new church. This time we tried an episcopal church in honor of Grammy since she loved her St. Richard's so much. We also thought the service might be a good fit because we really like a formal service. We ended up visiting the Trinity Cathedral in downtown Columbia. It's a beautiful cathedral with lots of stained glass, old style pews with kneeling benches, the whole schebang (sp.?) We really enjoyed the service - the preacher reminded us a bit of Ron Durham at CABC in Waco. However, we didn't get a feel for how many younger folks might be among the congregation. We are far from decided as to our new church home, but we already have two great candidates.

This afternoon we made another attempt at Finlay's new jump toy. He's exhausted and napping or he'd tell you about it himself. He did a lot better today, and he seems to finally be getting his command down. He also seemed to have a lot more fun! Below, you can see a few pictures of Finlay doing his "up" trick.

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He needs some more treats.