Saturday, October 13, 2007

We're Back!

After what some (Mom) may consider to be a prolonged absence, we're back. And as a peace offering we have included a new picture. This picture is of the whole family cheering on the Baylor Bears as they are steam-rolled by Kansas. Please note that both Nick and I are wearing our Baylor gear and we have some football essentials: chips, queso, and bee...uh, we mean Dr. Pepper- that new "blonde" version of Dr. Pepper...yeah, they just introduced it on the east coast...hasn't made its way to Texas yet. We would never consume any type of intoxicating beverage while watching a Baylor event. Never. Not us. So it must be Dr. Pepper.
Today we are also cheering on our Gamecocks. Well, sometimes you just need to cheer for a team that wins. Go Cocks!
Let's see, what has happened in the past week? Nick has gone to work. I have gone to work and to school. Finlay has enjoyed spending some time on the couch an getting to know his black kitty friend a little bit better. Our life is boring lately.
The most exciting thing to happen lately is that it has finally gotten cool here. Our AC hasn't run in two days! Last year this happened somewhat earlier so we are enjoying the nice, crisp air since it is finally here. Those of you who know me well may be expecting some mention of Christmas music here. Well, in a showing of unprecendented self-control I have yet to listen to a single Christmas song, not even one from the Nutcracker, which, come on, doesn't really count for me since as a child I would begin rehearsals for The Nutcracker in October. No, I am holding strong. However, all bets are off should the thermostat dip below 50 during waking hours.
We will try to be more regular with our posting, but we don't really think you want to hear about what we have for dinner every night or about the boring things we do at work. So until something interesting comes up, we may just not have anything to write about. Please be patient with our (sometimes) lack of inspiration.
Until next time!

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