Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Water Pressure...and a Disposal?!

So Nick and I moved into this rental home last July. At that time the disposal in our kitchen didn't work and the water pressure was non-existent in our shower. You may remember that this time last year I had long hair. Well, in August I chopped it all off because I could NEVER get the conditioner out of it. Seriously, my house made me cut my hair.

After almost a year of disappointing showers I told Nick that the only thing I wanted for our anniversary in May was water pressure in the shower. Well, when I came home today I was informed that a plumber was on the way! In less than ten minutes I had a working disposal and a virtual waterfall in the shower. Can you believe it?! I almost couldn't.

Here is a big, public THANK YOU to Nicholas for making our home so much more enjoyable to live in.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Nick! Does this mean we can expect Rapunzel by fall? :) Love you -