Friday, July 30, 2010

Manchester United Game

On Wednesday Nick flew down to Houston to watch the Manchester United vs MLS All Stars game with my brother Mark. These two share an obsession with Man U (an English soccer team), and Mark got tickets to this game for his birthday. He was really sweet and shared them with Nicholas as his birthday present so they both got to see their favorite team play in-person. All reports are that these two had a great time, even if Mark did have to drive back to Waco after the game to be at work by 6am the next day. That's what I call dedication! Here are the two boys in their seats before the game, both wearing their Man U jerseys.
Nick got to the stadium early and hit up a few tailgates. This crew of guys is trying to bring a pro soccer team to San Antonio. They gave Nick grilled stuffed jalapenos and beer so they are now his friends for life!
In other news, we've started accumulating a few things for Baby H, and it's completely throwing Finlay off. So far we have her stroller with bassinett, some socks, a little stuffed animal, and a precious Polo onesie I got in the mail today from Carolyn, my second mom. We've put it all in the nursery, but there's no furniture in there yet so I've put the other items on top of the bassinett cover. Before I've put each item up, I've let Finlay sniff it so that it's familiar to him. Well, now he can't figure out why they're not his toys, and he just goes into the nursery, lays down on the floor and stares up at everything with his ears pricked. I ordered the crib and changer today so I'm interested to see how he reacts when we really start moving stuff in there!
Happy weekend everyone!

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