Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pop Goes the Tummy!

At 22 weeks pregnant, I've finally popped! No more walking around with the "beer gut" look. I'm finally, actually looking like a momma to be. Baby H is moving all the time now. If I'm not actively doing something else - cleaning the house, going for a walk, etc. - I can pretty much always feel her kicking, punching, and rolling around in there. This is cute now, but I wonder how painful it will become a few months from now?! At any rate, though, I'm very grateful for the constant reminder that all is well with her. My popping tummy coincided with a major uptick in my appetite for a few days this week. I guess she was just going through a growth spurt because things have gone back to normal now.

Something new and lingering is serious round ligament pain in the lower middle of my abdomen. I'd had it on the sides for a while, but now I can feel some serious stretching going on right in the middle. It's pretty uncomfortable at times, but another great reminder that baby girl is growing! For about the last month I've had a lot of days where I felt like my whole stomach was stretched to the limit, and one thing I've done a lot that's seemed to help is prenatal yoga. I can't recommend it highly enough! Although I still get these stretching pains, they feel so much better after some gentle yoga stretching, especially the cat/cow pose (for my yogi friends out there).

We're gradually getting the house ready for baby - I ordered a crib and a changing table this week! I can't wait for them to get here. My mom and I are also making a shopping trip to Dallas and Waco this weekend to register and pick up some other baby items. Does that seem a little excessive to you? Well, you obviously haven't tried to baby shop in Clovis or Lubbock! I'm hoping to find a Babies R Us with a good selection of items in Dallas, and then I'll also hit up the Waco Target. We also get to do some fun shopping around in the children's wing at Northpark! I don't know who's more excited about that part of the trip - Edie or me.

Be thinking about Nick this week as he moves to the night shift (starting tonight) and has to handle Finlay and the household stuff all by himself from Friday through Tuesday while I'm gone. I figure that if I could do it for a year, he can do it for a few days, though.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


kelly said...

OH so CUTE! I can't wait to see you in about a month and talk to Little Girl (through the belly of course).

Melissa said...

Lindsay, you're looking great! Grow, baby, grow!!! Glad to hear yoga is helping with some of the growing/stretching pains.

Michelle said...

You did pop! You look so cute!

There is a great new Babies R Us in Dallas in the shopping center just north of North Park on 75. It makes me miss living in a big city! Oh, and if you haven't gone to a Buy Buy Baby, try to find one. We went to one in Austin this weekend and it is even better than Babies R Us... AND you can use a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon there.

I love keeping up with y'all!

Anna M said...

Yay for the pop! You look great, Lindsay! Enjoy those movements! I was never uncomfortable with them--hope the same is true for you!