Monday, July 12, 2010


Once upon a time Nick, Finlay, and I moved to the desert, to a place called Clovis, reputed to have 350 sunny days a year. I'm not sure what happened to those 350 sunny days, but I'm guessing they're all ahead of us because it has rained, heavily, just about every other day since we've moved here! While it's been really nice for our new grass and the temperature has been cooler, Finlay has not so much been a fan. Here's a picture of him huddled up in our bed last night as the rain came down. He HATES these storms!One thing we enjoyed about the rain last night was that it kept the bugs away so we could open up our french doors to the patio while Nick grilled some steaks!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Fin. You need to sing "Mr. Thunder" for him. Love - Mom