Sunday, July 11, 2010

18 Weeks

I'm getting a little self-conscious about only posting pictures of myself on the blog lately so I tried to get Nick to pose for a picture with Finlay. He, however, was too engrossed in the World Cup final game (and still in his pajamas) and declined my photo op. So, sorry, you've just got me again this time! As you can see, Baby H is really starting to pop out! I'm mostly wearing maternity clothes now even though the tops are still a little big. My normal tops are just too short! At the rate my belly has been growing, I think I'll fully fit into those tops in a few weeks. I've really been feeling great this week, just a few short bouts of nausea or tiredness. I think it's partially because I've been exercising more. At my last doctor's appointment I'd gained a bit more than the projected range for the previous 4 weeks (although I didn't gain any weight in my first trimester due to my extreme nausea and stress level) and I kind of freaked out! I am still eating PLENTY because I am always hungry, but I am also walking with Finlay for 2-3 miles 4-6 times a week and doing prenatal yoga 3-5 days a week. My new routine doesn't compare to my pre-preggo Bodypump/running regimen, but I do think it's helping me feel much better and hopefully keeping my weight gain more in the acceptable range.
This week I'd like to give a shout out to Nick, who continues to be so kind, understanding, accommodating, and protective. I think as my tummy gets bigger, the pregnancy is becoming more real to him. He's really interested in what's happening with Baby H and is taking such good care of me! He's always making sure I'm comfortable and have what I need. I've also been banned from cleaning the bathroom (hallelujah!) and being around during his hairspray routine (??? he thinks the chemicals are harmful). He has listened to me talk constantly about baby stuff and labor over decisions about carseats, strollers, etc. Although he doesn't have much of an opinion about this stuff, he listens patiently and agrees with whatever I say (always the right answer when you're dealing with a preggo woman).
I've been feeling Baby H move a lot during the past week. For some reason, Baby H always wakes up when Nick gets home from work around midnight, and Nick has been able to feel BH kick a few times. He's so excited when he can feel it, and it's so precious!
I'll try to post some pictures of Nick and Finlay later on, when they'll let me photograph them. Until then, happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Just wait until Baby H gets the hiccups! ;) You look great. Good job, Nick. You seem to have already mastered the "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" mentality, You are going to do fine. ;) Love to all - Mom

Lauren said...

Such a cute belly! Have you seen this website... ?

We love your updates!

Mark & Lauren

Colby and Joanna said...

Beautiful! I love that little belly-so cute. No awkwardness...keep 'em coming! :) Sounds like ya'll are having fun with all of the planning and glad Nick is taking good care of you! :)