Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in pictures

Since we only got Thursday and Friday off work and since we will be in Texas for almost two weeks at Christmas, Nick and I spent this Thanksgiving in Columbia, just us and Finlay. Since we did both Turkey Day and Christmas on our own last year, we've become old pro's. I think you'll enjoy seeing rather than hearing about our holiday so here you go:

Welcome to Thanksgiving at the Hall House!!

Nick, Fin, and I watched the parade, but I refused to be photographed without make-up!I spent the day in the kitchen...We have a problem with our oven and the smoke alarm. It went off when I was cooking the butternut squash - no they were not burning AT ALL - so I had to research plan B on the internet.Poor Fin was not a fan of the smoke alarm. He hid by the hookah.Fin got some relief this afternoon - we took him out to play in the field behind our apartment.Shot with Mom.Shot with Dad.

Yes, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at the coffee table. However, I made it look nice anyway! Why the coffee table, you ask? The dinner was ready at 4:30, 3:30 for you central time-zoners, and the Cowboys game was starting.

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We're thankful for all our friends and family, in South Carolina and at home in Texas. For those of you in the Lone Star State, we'll see you next month!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day - except for the smoke alarm. Poor Fin may take some time to get over that one... Play therapy - good idea. Love the pictures!

Can't wait until you get home for Christmas! Dad will be working on the lights this weekend. :) Love - Mom

fin will probably take a while to get over that one.