Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Early Birthday!!!

Have I ever mentioned that I have the world's most thoughtful husband? Well, I do. Yesterday we celebrated my birthday early because Nick had a plan that would only work on a Saturday. I started out the day with a birthday basket full of goodies:
In it were a subsciption to my favorite magazine: Cooking Light, a cookbook all about making sauces (not sure if this is more for me of for him!), a bottle of California sparkling wine, a copy of Baby Mama (the movie)from Fin, and a gift certificate for a couple's massage!

We had an appointment for a couple's massage yesterday morning at Urban Nirvana, which is only a block from our house. You can check out their website here: It was fabulous! And it was so much more enjoyable since Nick was there with me.

We spent the afternoon watching college football then went out to pick up a few things for Nick's hunting trip to Texas next weekend. We finished up the night out with dinner at a great Thai bistro here called Baan Sawan. I had seared tuna with three sauces - so tasty!
We picked up some dessert at Fresh Market before heading home to pick up the South Carolina and Texas games. It was a great early birthday. Thanks honey!!

My yummy creme brulee and a mini cannoli - I couldn't decide!


Mary Beth said...

Good job, Nick! Happy early birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Nick did a great job! Happy Birthday, Lindsay! Love - Mom

Colby and Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay! I just found your blog today and thought I'd say hello. Hope ya'll are doing well!