Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another post with lots of pictures

Today was a big event for us - we joined out church! We made a pledge to support the church and they made a pledge to support us. With a possible long deployment looming in the not so distant future that means a lot to us. Sorry we don't have pictures, but we didn't really get a chance to take one!

This afternoon I volunteered with some others from our sunday school class at something called Come to Christmas. Church members (mostly kids and their parents) visit different rooms with different themes. Our room was for making Jesse Tree ornaments. I'd never hear of this, but it's pretty cool. There's a symbolic ornament for different members of Jesus' lineage. There was a star for David, an altar for Abraham, a rainbow for Noah, etc. We got to help cute little kids make crafts all afternoon - so much fun!

Kelly, Jen, Lauren, and I

Helping Ellie and Rachel make their ornaments. Liberal use of glitter here.

While I was at Come to Christmas sweet Nick did all of the grocery shopping and household chores. I know I don't give him enough credit for this, but he does stuff like that all the time. Our household would be in shambles without him!

Once I got home we had dinner and decorated our little Christmas tree. The one we bought this year is really small. Since it rained all day yesterday we couldn't cut our own and had to go with whatever Lowe's had to offer. Our Christmas tree photo shoot was an adventure - I'm including an out-take for your viewing pleasure. Fin was a good helper!Real family photo

On one attempt we almost dropped Finlay. Almost.


Anonymous said...

How much fun! You have always enjoyed Christmas so . . .
Love you -

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