Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cousin Date!

My cousin Matt has been in Charleston for business this week so we decided to meet up for dinner tonight. Now, Charleston is over 2 hours away so either of us going all the way to the other was out of the question on a weeknight. We agreed to meet in Orangeburg, which is about the only civilized area between Columbia and Charleston. We thought Waffle House would be a nice idea.

I was still 10 minutes away when Matt called to say he'd made it to Waffle House and it was "questionable." Ok, no problem. His GPS told us that there was a Pizza Hut mere miles away. We got to Pizza Hut - even more sketch. We finally arrived at a local pizza place we'd passed whose parking lot was full of cars. LeCirque it was not, but we shared a tasty pizza and a few hours of great catch-up conversation. It was great! We're scheming to get Stephanie out to Charleston for a weekend tagged onto one of Matt's trips so that all four of us can explore the city together.

Lucky Matt will be dining at Hyman's tomorrow night (maybe the best seafood place in Charleston) so don't feel too sorry for him. Thanks, Matt for having dinner with me tonight! I had a great time, and I can't wait to see the whole Smith family in December.


Cousin Matt said...

I'm honored to have made the blog.

Everyone there did seem to react and treat us as if we were on a date. Especially when we asked for someone to take our picture!

It was an "adventure" and lots of fun. We look forward to seeing you and Nick in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Cute couple - even if it is a couple of first cousins. :) The four of you will have a blast! I know the company of family was a welcome sight for Lindsay way out there in South Carolina, especially since Nick is away. Love - Mom (a.k.a. Aunt E)