Saturday, November 15, 2008

He's Gone Again

Well, Nick is gone again. This afternoon I dropped him off at the airport, bound for Bahrain. He'll just be there for this coming week so he's not gone for long. All the same - I miss him already!

I did a little retail therapy this afternoon - bought some stuff from Target and Pier One. I think either the people who live above or below us must smoke in their apartment so there's always this funky smell seeping into ours. I'm trying to solve this with lots of good-smelling things. I'm also hoping that this plan doesn't backfire, creating a mixture of yucky and yummy smells.

My ultimate goal in shopping today was to buy a church dress. Think it should be simple? Think again. I've got some money to spend - thanks to Mom and Dad for my birthday gift - so it's not even like I'm on a tight budget. However, I scoured the best mall here with my friend Rachel last weekend. Nothing. Today I went to some of the higher-end boutiques here, but even if I'd wanted to spend $400 on a church dress (no thanks!) I still didn't find anything acceptable. I also visited a stand-alone Belk's and Talbots (yes, Mom, I resorted to your favorite store). Nada. Zip, zero, zilch. No luck.

So here is my question: have any of my blog readers found a cute church-appropriate winter dress lately? If so, PLEASE tell me where you found it! I'm getting desperate.

Finally, I will end this post by asking for all your prayers. It's getting to be about the time that Nick and I have to make some big decisions for the next few years. Will Nick go on a long tour overseas? Should we move to Florida, California, or Germany? Clearly, there are other considerations too - I'm not going to spell them out for you. Please pray that we will be given wisdom and guidance as we try to make the best choices.

And very, very finally...Sic-em Bears! Beat the Aggies!!!


Anonymous said...

As for finding a dress, is there a Chico's or Coldwater Creek near you? I have a fall Coldwater Creek catalogue and they show some dresses which I think you might like, but that is my thinking. I know what you mean about finding a church dress for any of us. We've become such a casual society that when it comes to dresses we go to the other extreme...formals or weddings, etc. GOOD LUCK!!!
Love, Bobo

Anonymous said...

I think I've finally gotten this comment thing down!
Love again,