Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend Fun and Our Little Patient

This weekend Nick and I joined some Air Force friends for dinner at a great restaurant here in Columbia. It's called Gervais and Vine, and it's a wine and tapas bar. You can find it here: Here's a picture:

Now onto more pressing matters. Finlay was neutered today. He seems to be feeling ok, still a little loopy from the anesthesia. Here are some pictures of him and us this evening. We love our little patient!

No, he doesn't wear this all the time, but we can't have him biting his hoo-ha!This is where the anesthesia went in. He kind of looks like a poodle.He loves hugs from Dad!

Maybe not so crazy about those kisses from Mom, but she gives them anyway because it makes her feel better.


Anonymous said...

Poor Fin... He needs treats! Love from Granmommy

Nick and Lindsay said...

To answer Granmommy we bought Fin lots of special treats from a special treat store that bakes them fresh. He's been enjoying them today!