Friday, July 4, 2008

5 Weeks To Go!

Well, I did it. I survived the Summer I semester. To do this I had to turn in an original short story, design my ideal college, and complete a comparative organizational analysis by midnight last night. Fortunately it didn't take me quite that long, and I finished up yesterday at 3pm. It feels so good to be done! Now I'm really in the home stretch. I'll still be working full-time, split between Parents Programs and the History department, but since I'll be completing a practicum and and independent study for Summer II I won't be spending any time in the classroom. Phew! (Incidentally this means that I won't be spending any more time in the classroom before I am awarded my M.Ed on August 9th - crazy!)

Today Nick and I are celebrating with a shopping trip to Charlotte to buy clothes for Mark and Lauren's wedding weekend. We'll try to post some more pictures ASAP. We hope you're all enjoying a relaxing Fourth of July!

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