Monday, July 7, 2008

Nicholas' Travels

Unlike Gulliver, Nick may not be headed to the land of the liliputians. However, it feels like he's been about everywhere else this year, and he's off on another trip today. In case you're counting, here's the roadtrip rundown since November 07:
3 weeks in Omaha, Nebraska
8 weeks in San Angelo, TX
1 week in Washington DC
2 weeks in Death Valley, CA
And now he's off to spend the week in Tampa. We'll see what voyages August brings.

Nick told me a sweet story a few days ago that I should have posted for July 4th, but sorry, I didn't. Here it is now, maybe you can still enjoy its patriotic spirit. Now, you know we don't get misty at our house over patriotic stuff, but I thought this was heart-warming and a validation that the sacrifices we make, like when Nick is gone as often as he is home, are appreciated.

This story happened to Nick when he was in transit to California. He was walking through the airport, rushing to make a connection when a little hand shot out into his path holding a piece of paper. He tried to walk past it, but the girl to whom the hand belonged called out to him. Still thinking that he had misunderstood, Nick paused a minute and then kept walking. The girl then walked up to Nick, placed the piece of paper in his hand, and walked back to her seat. Continuing toward his gate Nick opened up the piece of paper and was touched by what he saw. The note read "Thanks for everything you do, from a free thirteen-year-old girl."

Isn't that sweet? People like her make it a pleasure to serve.


Anonymous said...

Especially from a 13-year-old girl! They are a tough audience! Yes, I'm misty-eyed and proud of my son-in-law. The appreciation extends to the spouses & families, too. BTW, I need a photo of Nick in military gear for our bulletin board at work. Love-Mom

mnk ♥ said...

aww. :( I've been at DFW a few times when troops are coming home, and I cry every single time. my brothers are both deployed, so I can sympathize with you just a little bit. :) hope you're doing well, linds!!