Thursday, July 17, 2008


Have we ever told you that we have fruit trees in our backyard? We've got a fig tree and an apple tree (but the apples seem to be tiny!) Tonight we picked some fruit to try. Take a look!They were pretty tasty!


Anonymous said...

Those figs look DELICIOUS. They look like the ones we used to have on Pin Oak when your mother was a girl. They are so good to eat as is, but your great aunt and uncle Carol and Tom like to make fig preserves, which are very good also. I never was that industrious! The fig tree we have now does not produce that plentifully. Because of the birds and squirels we never get any. Enjoy some for us.
Love, Bobo

Anna M said...

I remember you and your figs! Levi and I hope to get by the office sometime this week to visit.