Monday, April 25, 2011


The Easter Bunny visited Evie!  P.S. Yes, she is sitting up by herself, which she has pretty much mastered.  She's also teething in earnest - I guess she'll be like her momma, who cut her first tooth before 6 months.  Slow down Evie! 
 Whoa!  Presents for me?! 
 Reading her new book.  I wanted something Easter-y, but I guess the crucifixion/resurrection is a little heavy for infants?  There were no "Easter Story" books at Hastings, anyway.
 Mommy and Evie are all ready for church.
 Not so sure about the egg hunt.
 More interested in eating the ribbon on her bucket.
 Evie and her friend Kyla.  Kyla is almost 7 months.  They were super interested in each other!
 Fighting over Kyla's spoon.

We had a great Easter, but truthfully we really missed all of our South Carolina friends yesterday.  It just wasn't the same without the wonderful Trenholm Road worship service or Easter lunch at the Wilsons' house.  We love and miss you guys so much!

Happy Easter everyone!


kelly said...

We missed you more! You look fabulous, btw. And they showed last year's Easter service yesterday and I saw the sweet Halls singing and missed you even MORE!!!

Joanna said...

Precious!! And the first thing I noticed when opening up the post was her sitting up and thought, wow, I didn't think she was 7 months yet! Advanced gal! :)

Rebecca said...

I love that precious Easter dress on E and you look beautiful! Miss you (and I'll call you back tonight!) :)