Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Sunday

 Here are Evie and Dad all dressed up for Palm Sunday at church.
 Trying hard to stand up in the grass
 Evie tried rice cereal on Sunday because she was ALWAYS hungry, taking forever to eat, and waking to eat every 3 hours at night (and then really eating for 30 minutes +).  Here she is all ready to get started!  She's still a little small for her high chair so she ate in her bouncy.
 Really not sure at first.
 Wait, now I could probably get used to this stuff!
 Finlay really wanted Evie to share the love.
 After a while Evie was grabbing the spoon and guiding it into her mouth.
 She also had fun playing with her spoon afterward.  All in all, her first foray into solids was a success!  Last night she slept from 8-4am, ate and then slept again until 7:30.  Hallelujah!
Here's one last shot of Finlay loving on Evie.  We really do scold him for doing this, but it's also so sweet to see them love each other!


Rebecca said...

So glad the solids were a success! I love the new blog layout too, I always look on reader so I'm probably way late in commenting, but I like it! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Glad she's not going to be a finicky eater. Love GE