Thursday, September 2, 2010

And He's Off!

Nick is finally all set with his new motorcycle.  He spent all last weekend in a class that was kind of like driver's ed for motorcycles, and on Monday we got everything registered and licensed.  Look out Clovis, he's on the road now!  All kidding aside, this is something that Nick has wanted for several years.  I've had lots of surprised responses that I "let:" Nick get this bike.  My response is that A) I would never tell Nick that he couldn't do anything!  I trust him to make good decisions, and B) He spent a year on a remote deployment, not only doing without lots of things he wanted, but also earning lots of extra money.  It's his hard-earned money, and after so much deprivation I think he deserved a really nice reward, don't you?
Here he is, about to take off on his first spin around the neighborhood. 
There he goes!
Here's Baby H's 26 week shot.  My belly is supposed to be about the size of a soccer ball now.  Sounds about right, I guess.  There's not much new going on this week.  I did have to ask Nick to fasten my shoes for me for the first time last night - boo.  I'm glad that we're moving into fall shoes season since most of my fall shoes are slip-ons!  Oh, and last night I had a hard time getting my rings back on after my shower.  Good thing I have the $8 fake wedding band I bought for our trip to Mexico in May!  I'm really hoping that it was end-of-day swelling and that my rings will hang on through my baby showers.  After that, I know I'll have to swap out for the fake bling until January.  Boo!
In other news, Nick has changed back to days- wahoo!  He had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off so we have finally been able to hang out for the first time in a month!  This will only last until October, but I'll take what I can get.  He's now working from about 5am until about 3pm.  Not your ideal schedule?  Well, it's a lot closer to normal and waaaay better than the 10pm-8am schedule he had in August.
Finally, for my SC friends, I can't tell you how excited we are for the beginning of college football season!  Tonight, the Gamecocks have their season opener, and we'll be watching at home while noshing on shrimp and grits and pimento cheese fries in honor of our Gamecocks.  Go cocks!  Can't wait to see them play in-person next weekend against Georgia!!!


kelly said...

Oh I am so excited! Go COCKS! Y'all better cheer hard from NM (they've done quite well since yo'uve been out there- national champions, oui??). Can't wait to see you next Friday. Tell Nick I'll have Rockaways waiting on him!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nick looks great on his new ride. I ESPECIALLY like the wonderful HELMET and PROTECTIVE JACKET! :) Be careful, Nick. And yes, you deserve this treat - and so much more - after that deployment. Love you -