Thursday, September 30, 2010

DIY Success!

I am rounding the corner of my 7th month of pregnancy - yikes!  My nesting instinct has kicked in this week in a major way.  One thing I have been wanting to do for a while is to make a window cornice for baby girl's nursery.  Her nursery is very understated and traditional palette-wise, and almost every window treatment I've seen has been too bright or bold for her room.  This weekend Nick helped me make this:
 The material is taffeta, not satin like it looks in these pictures, so in real-life it is more pearly -shimmery than shiny.  Thank goodness.  Here's a closer look:
Here's the best part:  it only cost about $40 to make, including the sheer curtains and curtainrod.  We used a plan from the DIY network online, and it just took about an hour to put together.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  What do you think?


Grace said...

I like it! Way to bring out your crafty side. Baby H is very lucky to have such a pretty room.

Katie and Justin Cox said...

I love it! So cute!! Way to go Mommy! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. And to think I brought yu home to a nursery full of rainbows! Didn't know then that you weren't into primary colors. . . ;) Love, Mom

Julia said...

Wow! I am impressed! I love the detail on the fabric and the cording(sp?). Something like that would not be easy for me. :) Can't wait to see the whole nursery! Hope you are feeling good!