Tuesday, August 24, 2010

25 Weeks

Yep, she's growing! 
As I type this, I'd like to just let you know that it's currently 63 degrees outside.  Very. Nice.  Off-topic I know, but I just had to rub it in a little!
Baby H and I had our 25 week doctor's visit today along with my glucose test - blech.  Everything is going great with her - she's measuring right on schedule for an early-mid December arrival, and she is still super-active.  Every time we go to the doctor (except of course for the gender scan - go figure) they comment about how extremely active she is!  Today, when the doctor was trying to get her hearbeat on the doppler, she'd kick the sensor every time it got over her!  At least there was no need to stress out over her well-being since it was clear, both from the inside and looking at the outside of my stomach, what was going on.  She finally settled down and her heartbeat was great, but the doctor said "I think you're going to have a very active and stubborn baby on your hands!"  Wonderful............Just kidding!  Of course Nick and I are thrilled that she's doing great, and although her activity level can be tiresome at times for me (some days she kicks, punches, and stomps almost constantly, and let's not even get into what she does at night), I'm always grateful to know that she's happy in her little home.
On my end, let's just say that based on the scale baby girl ought to be growing VERY well.  I'm still where I'm "supposed" to be weight-wise, but I stand amazed at how a person can gain so much weight in just 4 weeks!  We'll leave that there, and we'll remember that a healthy baby is the most important thing.  I was actually instructed by the doctor this week to dial back my exercise.  I'd been having some pretty bad lower-abdominal pain after my walks, and today she suggested that I limit myself to 1 mile several times a week instead of the 2-3 I'd been trying for.  Yoga is still recommended so that made me happy!  I loooove my prenatal yoga. 
Aside from blimping up, I've continued to feel pretty good this month (I say month since I haven't given you an update in 3 weeks).  My appetite has increased in a major way (no kidding, right?)  I'm also starting to feel tired more easily, and getting up and down and moving around is getting a little tougher.  I've noticed myself starting to do the waddle, which I'm fighting as hard as I can.  It's so weird how your hips just kind of open up on their own and make you sway side to side when you walk! 
I can't believe that I'm almost through my second trimester.  Time is flying by!  I know she'll be here before we know it, and I'm just trying to relish every minute of anticipation and preparation.


Rebecca said...

You look so cute! Love the new blog background, I usually read on reader so this might be a little late. But it's cute!!

Joanna said...

You are precious!!! Love that she's getting bigger and is healthy! :)

kelly said...

I don't believe that a waddle will ever EVER be in your future. We shall see in a few weeks (yay!).