Saturday, September 25, 2010

29 Weeks and Waco Shower

I've held off for a few days before posting pictures about my trip to Waco because I wanted to give the South Carolina post some breathing room.  There's a lot to post about from the past few weeks!  I've also just been busy decompressing from all my travels and trying to rest. 
I guess, given my whirlwind adventures of September 10-20 it's no surprise that when I went to the doctor on Tuesday my blood pressure was up a bit and my weight gain was minimal.  Baby girl is still doing great, but the rest of my body is worn out!  Following Nick's release from the hospital on Tuesday, we flew home on Wednesday.  We got into Lubbock at 4pm, and drove the hour and a half home to Clovis.  I unpacked quickly, started some laundry, and then went off to the grocery store to stock Nick up on groceries for my Waco trip since his OxyContin prevented him from being able to drive.  I came home, made dinner, packed for Waco, went to sleep, and woke up in time to drive Nick to 7:30 sick call on base.  After he was checked out I dropped him at home and then headed to Lubbock to catch my flight to Waco, eventually arriving there at about 7pm.  All this after pulling 2 all-nighters in the hospital on Sunday and Monday nights!  It was NICE to get home and relax for a few days.
Clearly the highlight of the Waco trip was Baby H's shower!  She received so many precious gifts, and I'm having fun putting them all up in her nursery.  Thanks to all of our hostesses and to everyone who was able to come or sent a gift! 
With some of my sweet hostesses

3 of the fab five - we missed you LC!  These 3 traveled from the Big D and even Colorado Springs to celebrate Baby H - love y'all!
Edie and Grammy

Sweet sister took notes on all the gifts - thanks And!

Three favorites - Bec flew in from Baltimore for the big day!

Fabulous gift from the hostesses, her carseat.  We are now legal to leave the hospital!

Not from the shower, but these two never take pictures so I had to put it up.  Loved getting to see you during my trip!
I loved getting to see so many friends and family, but I think I may need the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy to rest up for L&D!  I've made the decision not to come back for Homecoming next month because I don't know that my preggo body can do that kind of travel again!  It was so strange to leave town knowing that the next time I come back it will be with Baby H.  Crazy! 

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I promise the next post will not be quite so long.  Sic 'em Bears and Gooo Cocks!

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Anna M said...

Whew! Busy girl!! Glad you got the Chicco! Probably one of the most important (and soon to be, most used) gifts!!