Friday, June 25, 2010

Hidden Treasure and 16 Weeks

I'm fortunate enough to have inherited a few family heirloom pieces of furniture. One such piece is a piano that my grandmother used when she was a little girl. It actually came from my great-grandmother's house to my house when I was a little girl, and it's the one on which I learned to play. Well, okay, if I'm honest it's the one I sort of tried to learn to play when I was very young. Once Nick and I were married it came to live with us, and it's moved around with us for the past five years.
The piano bench is a storage bench, and as far as I knew it only held my little practice books, etc. when I was younger. I'd never really done much digging in it since, as I've mentioned, I'm not too proficient at piano. However, the top of the bench is broken so our movers took out all the contents of the bench in order to move it to New Mexico. That meant that I had to unpack the little box of music, etc. once we began to unpack. Sadly, we are STILL unpacking, and this week I got around to the piano bench. In it, I found some really cool stuff!

I found this program from Baylor's conferral of an honorary degree on Harry Truman in 1947.This is a picture of my grandmother in the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra program from the 1957-58 season. She sang with the symphony that season. Cute that is says "Mrs. Herbert Colvin" - so old school!This is the program from my grandmother's junior voice recital at Baylor in 1947. You can see that my grandfather accompanied her. How cute!And this is the oldest dated piece of music that I found in the bench. According to the text in the upper right hand corner, it was sung by my great-grandmother in the spring of 1921. This piece of music is almost 90 years old!

And here's my 16-week picture. Please forgive my appearance - Finlay and I had just come in from a walk around the neighborhood! There's not much change in the tummy this week from last - big surprise! Well, at least there hasn't been much change from the outside. On the inside, nausea has returned - boo!!! I am sick for about 2 hours in the morning and then 2 hours around lunchtime. I've tried to head off my hunger, etc., all the things I did in my first trimester. I think I may just be stuck with this symptom for the duration. Ick! Otherwise, not much has changed. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday so maybe I'll have more to report then. Happy weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love the "artifacts" you found in the piano bench. :) Mom

Lauri (mom) said...

You look so beautiful and happy, in spite of the nausea and fatigue. Hang in there. You're doing great!

kelly said...

I love the music- so much fun!!! And look at your old piano books w/ your maiden name on them- makes you feel old! :)
love you-

Anna M said...

How special to have those mementos from your grandmother! Especially as you're getting ready to expand your own family! As always, you look need to apologize! Enjoy these days of looking good without having to change because the baby added their lunch to your accessory list!