Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hail and BBQ

Last night Finlay thought there was a herd of elephants trampling on our house! He hid in the guest bathroom all night... Turns out, it was just a massive hailstorm! When we finally opened the door to see outside, it looked like the middle of winter - very icy. This was the view from our garage. See how it all piled up against the door?
And this was the view out our front door.
Fortunately, Nick's new toy was spared from the hail thanks to its cover and our covered back porch! As a housewarming gift, my mom and dad gave us (read Nick) a Weber Genesis E320 grill. It's an awesome grill, and Nick proved his grilling prowess tonight when he made some BBQ beer can chicken. We looooove beer can chicken and are so excited to be able to make it on our new grill!
Nice work, honey, it was really tasty! Here's Nick with the finished product.
And here's Nick, hard at work getting the grill ready.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Fin. Bless his heart. He needs his gerandmommy, obviously.