Thursday, June 10, 2010

14 Weeks

The 14 week mark has brought some welcome changes! I don't think I really realized how exhausted I was until I finally took some time to slow down and relax, which I have done this past week. Here are some changes I've noticed as I enter my second trimester:

* My nausea is almost completely gone. I still have to eat lots of little meals because I can't eat much at a time, and I still have some major aversions (no cravings yet). Examples are: garlic, meat, and tomatoes. Don't come near me with any of these (but not to worry, I have, of course been eating lots of protein for Baby H)!

* My tummy is still not popping out very much at all. Sometimes I am happy about this and sometimes I am irritated by it. I'm in that in-between stage with my clothes, too big for regular pants and too small for maternity stuff, but I still just look a little bloated. Thank goodness for Bella Bands! But seriously, I'm ready for my cute pregnant tummy.

* I am MUCH less nervous and am able to enjoy and get excited about this pregnancy. I haven't bought any baby items yet, but I'm sure that day is coming very soon.

* As I mentioned before, I do have more energy. Whether this is because my life is finally settling down or whether it's because I truly have an energy boost I have no idea, but I'll take it either way!

In other news this week, Finlay got to meet his Clovis vet on Tuesday. He did need his annual shots, but we actually ended up going in because he got a giant carpenter ant stuck up his nose! Nick and I tried really hard to get it out ourselves, but that wasn't going to happen so we went ahead and took him in. Hey, at least he got the shots while we were there, and as a bonus we made an appointment to have him groomed next week (looooong overdue).

We're also on a really weird schedule right now because Nick has been working nights. He's been going to work at 6 or so at night and coming home around 2 or 3 in the morning. He'll be on shift like this for at least the next year, but the shifts will rotate between daytime, evening, and night so we'll only be on this kind of schedule once every few months or so, thank goodness!

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kelly said...

AN ANT UP HIS NOSE? HAHA! I will call this week- we MUST catch up. LOVE to all the Halls-
k,m,and m!