Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Ugly

So, a while back I promised to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of my experience while Nick is deployed. Right now I am definitely going through an ugly.
As I mentioned Tuesday, Finlay and I have both been sick - no I have not had the swine flu. While my sore throat has come and gone, leaving me without a voice but otherwise unscathed, Finlay's stomach issues have continued. We have, in fact, just today, moved on to bloody diarhhea. I'm sorry if that grosses you out, but imagine how fun it is to deal with multiple bouts of that affliction, on your own, beginning at 2:54 a.m. with a massive gurgling sound and a pitiful looking dog.
In our marriage I do many useful things. I make the grocery lists, do the shopping, prepare all the meals, manage the money, and take care of the laundry, but NICK CLEANS. I hate cleaning. Hate it. My new Spot Bot has helped matters today, but really, I am just tired of cleaning up waste, feeling like my house is not really all that clean despite my efforts, and feeling like a really bad dog mom for being irritated with Finlay for causing all this. I'm tired of having to bathe Finlay once a day, making sure to get everything out of his layers of fur. I am tired of having to cook more for him than I do for me.
If Nick was here, he probably could have taken off work today to deal with this, instead of me having to take off my third day this week. He would have helped with the cleaning. Who am I kidding? He would have done all the clean-up gladly, and he would have had plenty of love and patience left over to treat Finlay like the poor, miserable baby that he is.
As you all pray for Nick, please keep Fin and me in your prayers too. Please pray that Finlay gets well ASAP! Because, honestly, I might go insane if he doesn't.

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Anonymous said...

I see that the stock market reflects a soaring white rice market within the past 24 hours. ;) Love you, Lindsay - Mom