Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend pictures for your enjoyment:

This one is with my fantastic hostess, Mrs. Paula Wilson. Her family welcomed me to Easter dinner after church today. Kelly, her daughter and my friend, is on her other side.
Last night Rachel & Timmy, Tara, and I had a reunion with our respective dogs
Zoey, Addie, and of course Finlay. Just the girls in our bright spring colors.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paula, for taking care of my little girl on Easter. Mom-to-Mom, I think you know what I am trying to express. What a comfort to know that, not only was she not alone on Easter Sunday, but she celebrated the day with a family who is apparently much like her own. God bless you! Edith

Anna M said...

What a fun reunion! And I'm glad you had a good Easter!