Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In the past 72 hours Finlay has vomitted five times. I have learned two new things from this experience.
1) Per my vet's advice, giving your dog plain white rice and boiled chicken will calm a dog's stomach. This is much easier and less expensive than a trip to the vet, especially my vet. I might gripe about them being expensive, but I know that this piece of FREE advice, obtained this morning, is going to save me lots of mulah in the future. It has worked like a charm for Finlay today.
2) A Bissel Spot Bot is a good investment. There really is nothing more disgusting than vomit on carpet. Seriously. I ABHOR cleaning up after Finlay gets sick. I purchased a Spot Bot today, and the trouble spots on my carpet are totally gone, with minimal nasty work on my part. It is a LIFESAVER! I actually bought it in a moment of desperation. I'm sick myself, and on the way back from the doctor in Sumter I was thinking about how I was going to have to scrub down the "spots" yet again when I got home. I felt silly spending $130 on a little steam vac, but sure enough, the Spot Bot worked fabulously. I'm so glad that I bought it. Sweet!
I will now retreat back into my latest Sophie Kinsella novel and "push fluids" per my doctor's orders. I refuse to miss another day of work!


Anonymous said...

Push those fluids! Viral, huh? Glad you have the Spot Bot. Take care of yourself. Love you -

Suze said...

I hope you and Finley are both feeling better soon! And thanks for the tip on the Spot Bot - I absolutely hate cleaning up when Nico gets sick.