Saturday, April 11, 2009

A message from Nick

Nick was able to e-mail me a few pictures of his living situation in Indiana this week. He also sent a message to include with them on the blog. Here you go!

"I took some pictures to show you what my barracks are like. The layout is open bay with the north and south sides separated by the latrines and showers. I have a section to myself (no bunk mate for now) and I am on the bottom which is nice. It is just our PRT stsff here right now doing some specialized training so there is a little more space. I am in S2 training this week which is about 12 hour days followed by dinner. After that we are on our own to workout, call home, etc. I'll try to keep ya'll updated as training gets rolling...2 1/2 months to go!"
This first picture is of Nick's hurt leg. He fell off a top bunk his first night at Camp Atterbury and gouged out his shin.
This picture is of the barracks area where the PRT teams are housed for training.The inside view.Nick's little spot.

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Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmmmm . . . cozy (?!?), Nick. I have one word for you: Neosporin. :) Take care of yourself. Love you - Edith