Saturday, March 14, 2009

Higher Ground

I love it when people name homes. It seems to give the house a personality all its own! Last weekend, Nick and I along with our friends Michael and Kelly visited Higher Ground, along with new friends (for us) Katie and Matthew. Higher Ground belongs to Kelly's parents, and it's in Lake Junalesca, North Carolina, in the Great Smoky Mountains. Higher Ground is a perfectly cozy and homey yet beautiful home with an amazing view of the lake.
Thanks to a heavy snow the previous weekend we had great snow on Friday and early Saturday. Now, the Smokies are not the Rockies, but with the benefit of good snow, I'd compare the whole mountain to a good blue run in Colorado, which is what I like to ski anyway! Despite some trepidation about how well we'd perform after a five year ski/snowboard hiatus, Nick and I did better than we expected. We had so much fun!! Below are a few pictures from the slopes. Enjoy!

Thanks, Michael and Kelly for such a fun weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! It must not have been that cold if Lindsay Hall has her ski jacket partly unzipped and is wearing no gloves. Glad it was a fun time. Love -