Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today Finlay visited a new groomer. He used to go to Diva Dogs, but they've apparently closed down. After our terrible experience with Petsmart in December we haven't taken him anywhere else - I guess we've been a little gunshy. We got a recommendation from our friends Kelly, Michael, and Mason (their precious pooch) for Groomingdale's, and I am so glad that we tried it out! Fin looks and smells great, and they gave him a discount because his birthday is this month. The even unintentionally dressed him up in Baylor colors today. I'm pretty sure the green and yellow bandana is in honor of St. Patrick's Day, but he's keeping it on for the game tonight. This picture captures his attitude this weekend perfectly. He's spent most of his time pouting since Nick i s in Texas visiting friends and family.

This is Finlay's new best friend, Bear. They love to snuggle.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Fin. He does look "down." Where did Bear come from? At any rate, GO BEARS! Love -