Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Monday

Today was one of those days when I had to keep reminding myself that when God created me to be Nick's partner He equiped me with the tools I need to get through big challenges when he is gone. In the last few years I have been challenged so much, and I have seen my faith grow by leaps and bounds because of it. There has never been anything put before me that was insurmountable. The Lord always provides faithfully for me and is true to His word when he tells me that He will never give me more than I can handle.

It was thoughts like those that got me through this morning. You see, I awoke at 5am to Finlay getting sick in the bed. I will spare you most of the details, but Finlay was having diarrhea that, by the time I had him into the bathtub appeared to only be blood. Of course I was terrified. I mean, Finlay has been my constant companion, a true Godsend, every time that Nick has been away. What would I do now if something happened to him?!

So I put him in the car and rushed over to the emergency vet. Poor Finlay was so sad and scared, and he just sat hunched over and shaking the whole way there. Once at the vet we were seen to quickly. As it turns out, there was nothing horribly wrong with Fin. In fact, the vet thinks that he has IBS. Who knew that dogs could get that? He did have to get poked a few times, and a treatment called subcutaneous hydration. He's on a few meds, and he had to get a bath, but he seems to be feeling much better. I tried to feed him Pedialyte ice cubes, like the vet suggested, but he is not crazy about Pedialyte (can you blame him)?

So this story has a happy ending, but for a few hours this morning, it was pure terror. Here's hoping that tomorrow is a little more sedate.

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor Linds! One of my best friends in the city has a weekly routine with her (very old) puppy involving explosive poopies..... I can't imagine how horrible it is... both knowing the puppy is not feeling well... and well, ya know.. the cleanup involved. Glad to see that Fin's feeling better. I think Fin's just trying to keep you on your toes while Nick is away. Making sure that life is never dull! - Rachel.