Thursday, January 31, 2008

So a few things of note have happened in the past two days. First, we have already had some questions about whom we will support now that John Edwards has withdrawn from the race. As some of you (Bec) guessed, I will be supporting Obama. While I am deeply disappointed to see Edwards, and especially his poverty agenda, out of the race, I feel that the candidate I most align with now is Barack Obama. I cannot speak for Nick, however, so you will all have to wait and hear his opinion once he comes home.

Yesterday, as much bigger things were happening in the great wide world, I was handling one of my biggest projects of the year: the Spring Organization Fair. Basically, I was responsible for managing a fair for about 110 of our 300 student organizations. The organizations start signing up months in advance, and we always have a waiting list. The fair happens on Greene St., right in front of our student union. It would not have happened without the help of my co-GA, Tara, and a couple of incredible student volunteers.

Watching the fair happen yesterday really reminded me why I'm in higher ed. I got to facilitate outreach for organizations, which in turn offers so many growth opportunities for my students. I got to stand around and chat with new students I don't know as well, and I got to watch some of my older student leaders in action. I was so impressed! This is why I'm here!

Oh, and Nick's phone is broken so if you've been trying to call him you haven't been successful. He has ordered a new one, though, so just give him a few days and try again.

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Obama '08!