Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus/Primary Fever!

I'd be shocked if anyone who read this blog didn't know that Nick and I, especially Nick, are very interested in politics. So it should come as no surprise that we would give our two cents, politically speaking, in our own little forum. We think everyone should make their own, informed, decision for the '08 election so we are doing our part and have linked the website of our personal presidential hopeful. We know this might be a bit early, especially since most of you won't be voting in the Texas primaries until March, but being in South Carolina we can't escape the primary fever and we wanted to spead that energy and excitement to all of you. No matter who your choice may be, we strongly encourage you to participate in your state's political activities. As a military family, we have seen first-hand the immediate implications of presidential decision making and are grateful for the opportunity to have the freedom to have a voice in this great process we like to call democracy.

Our personal congratulations go out to John Edwards, who miraculously came in second tonight in Iowa, and we hope that all of you can get just as excited about your candidate of choice.

Have a great night, and happy primary season everyone!

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Patrick said...

Hey Lindsay and Nick, I enjoy your blog, and read it for time to time to see whats going on. Good to see some other people interested in politics. I am sure you are getting the campaigning hard and heavy at your current location. I know exactly what you are saying concerning the direct impact of presidential decisions on military personnel and families. Here is a question, Why John Edwards? Believe it or not I consider myself more liberal than you might think and usually side with the democrats on a lot of social issues, but i just can't bring myself to support a democratic presidential candidate based on their views on Iraq. (Which really comes down to withdrawing along a established timetable, regardless of mission accomplishment)What do you think?
Anyway good to see you and Nick are doing well. Are you going to Seth's wedding? If so I will see you in Kansas.

Semper Fidelis
Pat Holland