Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 everyone! We hope this new year brings you blessings. We have started off the new year by dog-sitting. As we mentioned earlier, we currently have Rocket Rinehart visiting. She'll be going home to her mom and dad tomorrow. She's had a good time, and we have enjoyed having her. She has certainly given Finlay a run for his money in the yard and there's nothing like a little dog curled up in your lap as you read a good book to warm your legs and your heart. And although it has been a bit of a challenge accomodating two dogs' needs, and especially their wants, we are glad that Rocket came to visit.

Tomorrow we will transition from Rocket to Addy Kermiet, whose parents will be traveling to Miami to cheer on the Virginia Tech Hokies in the Orange Bowl. Addy is a precious baby shih-tsu. You can see her blog at www.addykermiet.blogspot.com to find our more about her. She'll be here through Friday or Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Just a regular little kennel, aren't you? Good luck! Mom