Sunday, September 4, 2011

9 Months Old

Busy, busy, busy!  That describes Evie at 9 months perfectly.  Here's the rundown on her current routine.

Eating:  she continues to add to her diet with new foods every 3 to 4 days.  She loves fruit, yogurt, any orange vegetable, and peas.  She is not crazy about broccoli, cauliflower, meat, or potatoes.  We're now trying to work on feeding herself with finger foods like puffs, cheerios, mushy pieces of fruit or avocado, and most recently pieces of cheese.

Sleeping:  some days are better than others.  She's still not a big napper...about once or twice each week she will have a days where she will nap a total of 1-2 hours, but most of the time it is a grand total of 1 hour or less from two combined naps.  Ugh.  She wakes once in the wee hours to nurse, unless her teething is really painful.  Then she wakes twice in the night. 

Teeth:  still just the two on the bottom, but she's working on the top right one. 

Hair:  She's up to a total of 4 haircuts, and she needs another for her bangs.  I'm thinking about letting it grow out a bit, though, as I don't really want her to have the chunky baby bangs she is currently sporting.  Who'd have thought her hair would be such an issue?

Play, etc:  Evie loves to cruise around and explore.  She likes to take things off shelves and out of baskets.  She will pull up on anything, and barely needs help to stand and balance.  She can walk well holding onto fingers and sort of well with her push toy.  If I move out of her sight, she will immediately come find me, and is very pleased with herself when she does.  She gets a real kick out of doing things that are off-limits like touching (safety plugged) outlets or pieces of furniture she's not supposed to.  She will look back and smile as she does it because she loves to see us say no and make a serious face.  Fun times to come, I'm sure.  She can play catch with Nick and her big ball.  He will roll it to her, she will catch it, and then drop it hard enough on the ground so that it rolls back to him.  I can now take her to the gym with me, put her in the pack n play or the little gated baby area, and get in 30 minutes on the eliptical.  Hallelujah! 

As far as verbal stuff, she sometimes uses mama and dada descriminately, but she generally loves to babble, and does so emphatically.  It is hilarious!

During the day she does NOT want to stop moving and playing.  She does not like to sit and cuddle or read books, and she could not care less about the TV.  She gets quickly frustrated when confined to her play yard or exersaucer. As you can imagine, this makes getting pictures of her a challenge.  Here are a few that I've taken over the past few days, doing some of her typical activities.  Enjoy!

 Pulling up on the ottoman, always a good time.
This is so typical.  Mom wants to cuddle and take a picture.  Evie is not having it!
 We call this look "serious baby."  She makes it a lot.
 She also makes this face all the time.
 Seriously, Mom, get this camera out of my face!
 Some early morning cruising around the living room.
 Loves playing with her new megaphone.
 What's he saying?
 Spends lots of time looking out the back door.
 Pulling books off the hall bookshelf.  Is she trying to tell me something?
 Water bottles - all time favorite toy.
 Cruising along the entertainment center to her next destination.
 Time for a diaper change (Dad is doing this one while Mom documents).  She rebels against these at all costs!
 A little happier holding her hairbrush.
 Loves Finlay.
 They are so sweet to each other.
 What can I pull up on now?  Maybe this laundry basket.
I'm coming to get  you!

By the way, the temps here are in the 60's today, hence our long sleeves.  Yeah, be jealous. 

Happy 9 months big girl!  I can't wait to see what the next month brings!


Anonymous said...

Lindsay used to stand at the sliding glass door for long periods, too, admiring the outdoors and especially Doc, our dog. Edie

Anna M said...

Those are some baby bangs! Mason is a squirmer, too, so I can identify with all these pictures! I used to sing to him "stay on your back, stay on your back, stay on your back and I can change your diaper fast"...sometimes helped, most of the time didn't! You're doing GREAT as a mama, Lindsay!!