Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9 Month Update

Here are a few updates on Evie at 9 months.  We had her check-up this morning, and here are her stats:

Height:  27 inches (20%)
Weight:  19 1/4 lbs (50%)
Head circumference:  44 cm

Her small stature means that I have to wait to wean her at night, but her doctor thinks that she is actually meant to be a bit shorter, and her height is just normalizing back to the percentile that she was in for her first 4 or 5 months.  The height/weight differential explains her chubby tummy too!

One thing I forgot to put in her 9 month post is that Evie is signing!  She signs for "eat" and she signs for "milk."  This way when she is hungry a) we know and b) we know if she wants food or to nurse.  It's pretty handy I must say!

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Anna M said...

There's an Evie in Levi's preschool class. Levi thought it was his name (you can see why...almost same letters). thought of you, friend!