Monday, May 9, 2011

First Mother's Day!

Okay, this one's not from Mother's Day, but I thought it was cute!  We were taking bathtime pictures of Evie, and she had had enough.  I think she looks like a celebrity shooing away the paprazzi!

 My Mother's Day gift came in this little blue box.  Yes, that kind of little blue box.  What can I say, Nick is amazing!
 But the best gift of all was hanging out with these two all day!  Please forgive the drool soaked onesie, teething means that she is ALWAYS drooling, but her bibs get in the way of using her arms and hands so she doesn't always wear one.
I really enjoyed my first mother's day.  I've always had a little sadness on this day since my miscarriage in 2006 so in some ways, this felt like it was a long time coming.  Yesterday, though, there was only joy as I got to spend the day with my precious baby daughter.  I had a special oatmeal breakfast, enjoyed church with E and Nick (yes, we've finally found a church), and spent the rest of the day hanging out.  Nick grilled some yummy burgers for dinner to complete our celebration.  I'm so grateful for my loving husband and sweet baby.  Now I just have to find a way to outdo him for Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

What a great-looking pair! Glad you had a great first Mother's Day. Mom/Grandma Edie

Anna M said...

Happy first Mother's Day, Lindsay!! Levi was a HUGE drooler...every picture of him was complete with a bib. I got so tired of it! Mason is the opposite, though...but a messy messy messy eater so I can't escape the bibs!