Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Waco Pics

Evie and I just finished spending some time in Waco. There are some really precious pictures of Evie in Mom and Dad's pool, but Mom still has those. However, here are a few that I do have.

We arrived with a rat tail!  This would not do for her professional portraits so...

 With Grandma Edie's help...
 We got rid of it.
 We planned a whole day down at Baylor to take pictures of Evie around campus.  Unfortunately, that day was full of thunderstorms.  This is the only picture we got.  It's at the Bear Pit, which you might not know if I didn't tell you because both bears were asleep out of sight.  Ugh...
Here are Grandma Edie and Evie before a walk around the neighborhood.
And here's a shot of Nick and me before our 6th anniversary date.  We saw Bridesmaids and ate at Diamondbacks while Evie stayed with Uncle Mark and Aunt Lauren.  We had a great time.  Thanks, guys!

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