Saturday, November 27, 2010


We are still here, and Baby H is still happily happily hanging out in my belly.  We had a great Thanksgiving this year, and I have a few pictures from the big day.  Unfortunately, my computer got sick and is at the computer doctor, and I'm unable to upload my pictures to Nick's computer.  So sorry!  My parents sent us a Greenberg smoked turkey, and Nick's dad visited and made all of the sides and dessert so I got to just hang out on the couch and rest, which was soooo nice. 
We finished the nursery and decorated for Christmas yesterday so we're ready for baby girl whenever she decides to make her grand entrance.  After a few weeks of feeling lots of energy, I am definitely exhausted pretty much all the time now.  I'm also in a decent level of discomfort all the time, which is to be expected.  However, Nick's right arm is still pretty much useless so we're happy for her to stay put as long as she wants to.  I'll try to post some pictures once my computer comes home all better.  Until then, happy rivalry day, and Gooo Cocks!

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